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Yorino Aoi is a good friend of Kisshouin Reika, and later, of Fukioka Sakurako.


Aoi is an energetic girl that likes the outdoors. [c55] She seems withdrawn, but once you’re closer with her, she starts laughing a lot. [c37]

She is good at studying despite her quietness, and apparently she’s actually good at sports too. In middle school, she thought about joining a sports club, either ballet or badminton, but ultimately chose to be in the basketball club. In high school, she joins the tennis club and recommends Reika to do the same.

She went to a primary school attached to higher tiered schools, but it was not an escalator school, so she studies hard. [c44] She now attends the same national high school as the look-alike of Naruhito-kun. [c163]

She attended the same cram school with Reika in her primary and middle school years. In her high school, she went to a different cram school as Reika. [c76]

It was revealed that she has a boyfriend since before the summer break of her 2nd year in high school. [c165] He is in the Tennis Club with her and when they entered 2nd Year, they started walking home together. In the end he confessed to her, and they ended up dating.

Aoi has two older brothers nicknamed Muscles and Otaku. [c51] She also has a grandfather who lives in the countryside where Tarow the Taro came from. [c30]


Aoi is a tiny and docile looking girl. [c28] Although she is somewhat small, she is cute like a small animal. [c28]



Kisshouin Reika

Reika and Aoi were in the same Social Studies and Science classes in cram school during primary school. She became friends with her due to their mutual liking of Tarow the Taro. [c28][c31] They attended the same cram school during middle school, but went to different cram schools in high school.

Although not from the same school, they make sure to communicate with each other via emails and phone calls. They even hang out with each other outside school whenever their schedules match.

When Aoi shared to Reika that a boy from Suiran Academy, her class mate in her cram school, was bothering her, Reika immediately asked the boy to stop. [c165][c166]

Fukioka Sakurako

Sakurako and Aoi met through their common friend, Reika, and immediately became friends.