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Suzushino Yurie is a student of Suiran Academy who entered in the primary section. She is Kaburagi Masaya’s first love.[c9] She is also the best friend of Minadzuki Aira and a childhood friend of Enjou Shuusuke.


Yurie is a dignified and radiant beauty who was admired by all the girls in Suiran Academy. [c9] She also detested the unjust. [c9] She is person filled with independence.

She and Aira were accepted to the university they wanted to join [c63] and after graduating there, Yurie was slated to go to America. [c141]

Kimi wa Boku no Dolce

When Yurie graduated from university, she stood her ground against her parents and decided on her own to go overseas to look for work in an American company. [c9]




Kaburagi Masaya

Yurie is four years older than Masaya and Shuusuke [c9], but despite the age gap, Masaya loved her romantically. During middle school, a boy from another school confessed to her,[c16] but he was drop kicked by Masaya [c20]. She started going to and from school together with Masaya in his insistence. He even put guards around her, causing Yurie to issue a temporary restraining order to Masaya. [c16] They later made up, but during Masaya’s 1st year in high school, Yurie finally rejected him and told him that she only sees her as a little brother. [c9]  After his self finding journey, he finally gave up on her. 


Her character theme song is Schubert’s Ave Maria. [c48]

Her birthday around the last week of the summer holidays, probably near the Pivoine Summer Party. [c9]