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Chairman Kisshouin is the husband of Madame Kisshouin and is the father of Takateru and Reika.


Kimi wa Boku no Dolce

In the manga, Chairman Kisshouin and his wife overly believes in the importance of bloodline, becoming lumps of pride that believe they're a special type of human. [c1]

Using his connections, he was able to arrange Reika's engagement with Kaburagi Masaya. However, during the engagement party, Chairman Kisshouin was revealed to be involved in fraud [c1] and in dishonest practices while managing the Kisshouin Corporation. [c4] This led to the fall of the Kisshouin Corporation and the Kisshouin family itself.

During Kenkyo

Chairman Kisshouin is Reika’s unnamed father in her reincarnated life.

Chairman Kisshouin really cherises his family, especially his youngest child Reika. Due to Reika’s knowledge about the fall of the Kisshouin family at the end of Kimi wa Boku no Dolce (You Are My Dolce), she constantly treats him like a criminal and reminds him that he will get in trouble for fraud. [c49] She repeatedly admonishes him over being dishonest in his management of the Kisshouin Corporation, although she doesn’t actually have evidence if he is doing anything shady. [c5] In order to raise her opinion of him, he’s been diligently buying all sorts of rare pastries and cakes and fruits for her, causing her to be a little on the chubby side. [c49]

When Takateru began working at the company and assured Reika that their father had not done anything wrong, Reika began teasing him as a way to show her love. Although her father might have some troublesome parts to him like his ambition for their family, Reika finally sees him as an a good person who loves his family. [c56] Reika often compares him to a fat old tanuki and gives him 'reject' gifts.

He considers Takateru a rival over who Reika likes the best in their family. He often has to resort to lying to others about Reika’s affection for him. Because of this, Reika was known to be a fathercon, much to her dismay.

Together with his wife, Chairman Kisshouin tries to pair Reika with Kaburagi Masaya.


He once tried hulahooping but ended up at the hospital for back pains. [c82]