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Narutomi Akimi is an ojou-sama who first met Kisshouin Reika during a fasting course during Reika’s 1st year in high school.[c89] She is around six years older than Reika.


Akimi is chubby-looking, but has a really wam and relaxed atmosphere. She is shy and has confidence issues due to her appearance. She was bullied by guys for being fat, and apparently even her elder brother hates her. She thinks she is a cowardly waste of space, [c90], and thinks her name Akimi (refulgent beauty) is wasted on her. She reminds Reika of Hanachirusato from the Tale of Genji.

Akimi and Reika first met at a fasting spa, and became friends because they can relate with each other, being chubby since young and finding losing weight difficult. Reika respects Akimi as someone who has clear ideas of what she wanted in life.

During a detox camp Akimi and Reika joined [c133], it was revealed that she is interested in cooking. Her major in university is in a field that includes macrobiotic theory [c134], and she is enrolled in a few cooking schools. She plans to become a chef or a teacher in a cooking school someday. Later on, Reika asked Akimi to teach her how to cook.

Akimi was invited in the Kisshouin corporate party, where she talked food with Kaburagi Masaya. [c169]



She collects soy sauce and ponzu.


"‘A wallflower like me got to experience such a wonderful dream…’" - Akimi, in an email to Reika [c170]