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Mama Kisshouin is the wife of Papa Kisshouin and is the mother of the siblings Takateru and Reika.

She hails from Kyoto and had never went to Suiran Academy, so she is really fixated on the Academy and the Pivoine. [c4] But even though she is like that, she loves her family and just wants the best for them.


She enjoys things like ballet and opera because she loves being immersed in worlds that are beautiful and fantastical. [c135] She really loved Jumeau bisque dolls, and it was her dream that if she ever had a daughter, she would dress her up to be just as cute as one. [c94] She was the one who insisted Reika to have the rococo hairstyle.

She switched -chan with Reika to -san as it is apparently how people do it in high society.

Reika respects her and finds her pretty amazing for not feeling disappointed even when her sorry husband is standing next to the magnanimous man that is Chairman Kaburagi. [c85] She calls them the ‘Beauty and the Tanuki’. [c90]

Together with her husband, Mama Kisshouin is not averse to pairing Kaburagi Masaya and Reika. [c135]


Mama Kisshouin is a completely skinny woman [c89]