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Kisshouin Reika ( 吉祥院 麗華 ) is the main character of the web novel "Kenkyo Kenjitsu o motto ni ikitte orimasu".


Reika is the lovable main character who was reincarnated into the popular shoujo manga series [Kimi wa boku no dolce] as the villainess. On the outside, she has the bearings and hairstyle of a proper Ojou-sama, but inside she’s just a cowardly glutton. Reika is quite observant, and thus often plays consultant for her friends on various topics.

She has many nicknames: Goddess Kali, Dolly Girl, Empress, Drill Hair, etc. When she unfolds her folding fan (be it physically or mentally), she could assume the original [Kisshouin Reika] persona.

Past life

In her past life she loved reading , ‘you are my dolce’


Kisshouin Reika has white skin and long, curled black hair, which she usually wears with a ribbon. Although described as beautiful by her (female) admirers, Reika herself seems to not have a very high opinion of her looks. For example, she is of average height, but is self-conscious of having short legs and a long torso. One time she blew up at Kaburagi Masaya (despite her fear of him) due to his pointing out they have the same sitting height, even though when standing up he is 20 centimeters taller. Reika also worries about having a "scary face," but third point of view narratives describe her as having doll-like features, naturally long eyelashes, and dimples that shows when she smiles. Figure wise, her assets are "modest" (either average or under-average chest size) and her shoe size is 24 (Japan measurement). She usually wear stockings with her uniform.




Kisshouin Takateru

Takateru is Reika's older brother who she has a close relationship with. Takateru is close enough with her that his best friend teases him about his sister complex. Reika also seems to be fond of her brother. Reika also treats him like a guinea pig, offering him food that she makes herself. Takateru does not have the heart to tell her the truth about her culinary skills. He seems to be the person Reika trusts the most in her immediate family.

Kotou Ririna

Reika's younger cousin, Ririna, seems to act like a tsundere. She is overbearing and closely resembles the personality of You Are My Dolce's Reika. This personality is found annoying by many, including Kaburagi and Enjou, forcing Reika to apologize on her behalf. Despite her denial, she seems to respect Reika, protecting an underclassman in Reika's club for her sake. She looks after Reika secretly, while Reika does the same thing.

Kaburagi Masaya

Due to her knowledge from her past life and her fear of him, Reika has decided to avoid Masaya. However, Masaya's pushy and inconsiderate nature still forced Reika to interact with him. Masaya sees Reika as a spy, and later as a matchmaking expert who he used to help make Wakaba fall for him. Masaya's attitude seems to annoy Reika, to the point that she once snapped at him. She immediately regretted this afterwards and worried that she made a mistake. However, Masaya apologized in his own special way, turning their relationship back to normal. Many of their fellow students think Reika and Masaya are a good pair. Neither agrees.

Enjou Shuusuke

Enjou Shuusuke is Masaya's best friend and helped with the downfall of Reika's family in You Are My Dolce. Thus, Reika also avoids him. Reika believes that he is sly and manipulative, and distrusts him greatly. She also dislikes how he seems to leave her alone to deal with Masaya's problems. Shuusuke has helped her with issues like Kotou Ririna, making Reika see him in a different light momentarily, until he tells her that his help means she will have to do a favour for him when he asks. Like with Masaya, many students believe that Reika is interested in Shuusuke and vice versa.


  • Her sister's name in her past life was named Yuka.
  • She has anemia .