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Imamura Kikuno is a student of Suiran Academy who entered through its primary section. She is the best friend of Kazami Serika [c30] and is a friend of Kisshouin Reika. She is not a Pivoine member.


She is a follower of Reika since the 1st grade of primary school. [c3] She was in Reika’s class from 1st grade to 4th grade. [c21] She was not in Reika’s class in their 3rd year of middle school. [c67]

She and Serika were fans of Kaburagi Masaya since 1st grade. They didn't like it if other girls get close to him. However, she is ready to concede her feelings in favor of Reika. Both Kikuno and Serika are really protective of Reika; if there was someone who badmouthed her, they would drag them to the corner and ‘talk some sense’ to them.

In her 5th and 6th grade, she was in Masaya’s class. Her frequent stories about him to Serika led to a spat between the two; however, their friendship was repaired thanks to Reika. [c30] During the school trip in their 6th year of primary school, she introduced Masaya to the matchmaking shrine god.





Her family has a holiday home in Hawaii and they went there in her 1st grade summer vacation. [c6]