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Honda Miharu is a student of Suiran Academy who entered during primary school, however, she is not a member of the Pivoine. She is the best friend of Nonose Maho.


She was in the same class with Kisshouin Reika and Class Rep during her 5th grade and 6th grade in primary school. She was the Vice Representative in her 5th grade, [c40] but was replaced by Reika in 6th grade. Instead, she became a part of the graduation committee that year. She was in the same class as Enjou Shuusuke in her 1st year of middle school, where she became the Vice Representative [c44], or the Class Representative. [c61]

She is described as a serious and diligent girl, someone one would expect to be a class representative. [c40][c44] According to Reika, she gives off the same cuteness as Yorino Aoi. [c40]

She came to the Summer Camp in her 1st year of middle school, but was unable to come in her 2nd year due to family issues.

Class Rep has a one-sided love for her, and she most certainly doesn’t know about it. She said her type is somebody like Enjou Shuusuke,[c41] but does not like the man himself. She ships the Enjou Shuusuke x Kisshouin Reika pair. [c123]

She is good friends with Nonose Maho, and later on, is a part of a group of friends with Class Rep and Iwamuro Takashi.