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Enjou Shuusuke ( 円城 秀介 ) is the best friend of Kaburagi Masaya from the manga "You are my dolce" and one of the most famous males in Suiran Academy


Enjou is the male support character in you are my dolce. He appears outwardly nice but usually has a scheme behind it. He rarely gets truly angry but when he does its frightening. He is best friends with Kaburagi and loves to joke around about Kaburagi's almost childish personality. Like Kaburagi he is very popular with the female students but unlike him, he is better about dealing with them. He finds Reika interesting and will help her at the cost of her repaying the favor. Reika avoids him due to his closeness to the original cast of you are my dolce and his secretive personality.




  • "Enjou with chrysanthemum... Their orders reflected their personalities, didn’t it." - chapter 161
  • "Enjou was actually a provisional resident of the Casanova village!? Wait, or was he a permanent resident!? he was Imari-sama’s successor!?" -chapter 188
  • "Was that honey-dyed!?Was that hair colour non-natural!?"-chapter 6


He had honey coloured hair in the coloured illustrations of the manga but in real life his hair colour is black.