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Afrodite, or Dite for short,[c83] is an unnamed student who entered Suiran Academy as a high school external. He was in the same class as Class Rep in his first year of high school and in the same class as Kisshouin Reika in his second year of high school.


He is described as an eccentric artist. He is a boy who is rather enthusiastic with his violin performances. In his first year class trip, he wouldn’t stop playing the violin on the bus, so nobody got any sleep.[c111] In his second year, he insisted on playing the violin in his class’ Café Xu Fu during the School Festival. It was later revealed that he met Fukioka Sakurako during violin recitals. [c158]


His face look big up close, and his hair is a bit of an afro. His hair earned him his nickname ‘Afrodite’, although people found it mouthful and shortened it to just ‘Dite’. [c83]


Fukioka Sakurako

Afrodite and Sakurako first met during violin recitals; both of them study the violin.

Afrodite is a fan of Sakurako, [c158] and got too excited when she visited his class' cafe during the Suiran Academy school festival in his second year. He talked to her so much that Akizawa Takumi, Sakurako’s childhood friend and romantic interest, got jealous of him.

Kisshouin Reika

Reika thought about inviting him to the Forever Alone Village, but was turned off by his very enthusiastic violin playing. [c158]